Favourite Asian Foods?


Madly Diligent
I wanna know if my Western friends on the community love or hate Asian food in general. As a native mixed Tibetan, Mongolian. Han Chinese, Japanese and Korean, I regularly eat and make my own Asian food at home so yeah. I love cooking for myself personally. But my most favourite I think is Japanese sushi with tempura, soy sauce, raw marinated ginger and anything sweet and sour, stir-fry or Teriyaki. I love also Korean hotpot, Korean BBQ and Chinese dumplings with vinegar and Asian sweets and desserts like a red bean mochi or red bean popsicle or tart as a dessert after dinner or lunch with a nice fruity iced tea or coffee. I make my own drinks and food at home since the lockdown so yeah.


Most of my favorite foods are Asian. Thai is my all time favorite, Panang, Green Curry, Thai chicken skewers, and Red Curry are my all time favorite foods. Mongolian is amazing if you go to a Mongolian Buffet, as you put all of the raw food in a bowl and they cook it and throw it in a bowl of rice or whatever grain you'd like. Chinese is good for days you want to be lazy and just chill and eat at home without cooking. If I had to chose a regional food to eat for the rest of my life it would hands down be Asian food.


New Arrival
I like Asian foods. My favourite so far is dosa and I like it a lot. I am going to try more dishes sometime in the near future.