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Site Name: mindsConnected (link >
Date Opened: 9th June 2018
Review Requested (Quick/Advanced): Community Feedback
Notes: Try and be as descriptive and helpful as possible, so that I know what things should be worked and such. Also, I've been struggling with activity with the place for a while but at least there's been lots of posts made, since it first opened. Thanks to anyone that does this, whoever it'll be :)


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Dec 11, 2010
My biggest piece of feedback is that I don't know what your forum is about based on the name and first few seconds on the forum itself. mindsConnected first makes me think it's general discussion or debate, and then the layout starts with standard announcements, feedback, intros, etc. and then goes into specific tech sections. So I'm still confused but I'm guessing it's more technology with some other things mixed in. Try to find a way to better show your niche with your logo and prioritize the on-niche forum sections on your index by putting them higher in order.

Your forum theme/skin isn't bad, but doesn't do anything special for you either. Some color would help a lot here and you could benefit from some consistent branding that you use on- and off-site.
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Yes, you are indeed right... we are a tech/general community forum, and its name does relate to tech in a way... as in, internet connection/network. Get me now? :p

And as for your second point, I cannot do any thing pertaining skins and the like as even though I've had the forum up for a while, I'm still learning Jcink as I go. We also have other skins available too if you're not a fan of the default (especially the custom-made Minimal theme, made by one of my ex-staff) but this is only enabled for members only, unless I let them see the forum differently before they can think about signing up. Branding, I don't know what you mean by that.

Thanks for your input though. Much appreciated.