Forum Authority V.2 theme WIP.

Twisted Sister

Aug 23, 2014
Good morning everyone,

I would like to announce some very exciting news that I and @katos have been working on behind the scenes for Forum Authority. I believe @katos will be unveiling his news for the site shortly, however, in today's topic we will be covering information regarding Forum Authority's new and improved theme, and I am delighted to share the first public concepts of the websites V.2 theme. This is a work in progress and there will be several changes made to the final implementation, however, this is a very accurate estimate on what the new theme is essentially going to look like. We have opted for a more modern and sleek design, sporting colour contrasting combinations all on a nice dark and dim layout. Please do note, this theme will be upgraded after its initial release to incorporate responsiveness and a light version. We have tried to make this theme as different as possible from the previous Forum Authority themes, this is why we have completely revamped the post section and member profiles. In addition to this new theme, we will also be including some new features and improving existing ones.

This theme *should* be ready in the next few weeks, however, to take extra precautions on making sure the theme is stable and suitable to all users, we will be holding a beta testing session. For a duration of one week, the theme will be live to users who post in the official FA thread "count me in". During this time, we will be evaluating and correcting any bugs, glitches or mishaps in the theme or its construction.

Any participating member of our beta bug test will be granted an exclusive V.2 award on FA.

We hope you like the new design and layout if you have any comments regarding the new theme or would like to express your opinion, feel free to share with us below.

Thank you.

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