Forum Cash Exchanges Guidelines

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Forum Cash Exchanges Guidelines
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Welcome to Forum Cash Exchanges Guidelines! This section is dedicated for members to spend and earn forum virtual cash (FP$) for various offers. Before you post your topic, please read the rules and guidelines of this section carefully.

General Rules:
  • Do Your Part - If you agree to complete a service, be sure to do your part. Anyone that is found to have "scammed" other members will risk being banned from the exchange forum, and be issued with an official board warning.
  • 2 Topics per User - In order to keep our boards tidy and easy to browse, you are allowed TWO (2) topics in each section of the Exchange Forum (Exchange Central & Forum Cash Exchanges) per user, unless special permission is granted (rarely). You can offer as many deals as you want in these threads. Instead of creating a new topic, edit it in to your old one. If you wish to have a topic removed, please either report your topic and ask for it to be removed, or PM a Community Team Member.
  • Exchanging Reputation - Exchanging Reputation with other users is strictly forbidden, as is asking for reputation after an exchange. You're free to give reputation after, but only if you think it is deserved.
  • Potentially Negative Feedback - Negative feedback is allowed; however, please refer to our procedures regarding this, quoted from the Global Rules:
    Potentially negative feedback regarding services rendered here at Forum Promotion (both official Forum Promotion services and all member exchanges) is permitted, with a few limitations. One must provide feedback on the very specific service they requested, not regarding previous/future interactions with that particular user. Additionally, the feedback must be constructive and respectful, versus unelaborated feedback, such as "This service sucked" or "Do not trust this user," etc. Moreover, the user receiving the feedback should also be respectful. Any disagreements regarding the accuracy of the feedback should only be discussed through private messages and not within the topic itself. If the issue involves scamming (or an act of similar severity), one should not post about it and should instead report it (with proof) to an Administrator or the Community Team Leader to further investigate.

If you were scammed:
Please either PM an Administrator, the Community Team Leader, or fill out this form. Be sure to include all applicable details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).

Remember that the Board-Wide Guidelines still apply in addition to these guidelines.
If you have any questions, contact a Community Team Member or an Administrator.
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Buying and Selling FP$ - RULES CHANGED!

We aim to bring new life to the FP$ exchange section. Part of that is increasing the value of FP$, so that it will hold value in exchanges. Under the current system, it's really easy for someone to get a hold of a lot of FP$ with only a few bucks. We've decided to reverse a previous decision. Buying and selling FP$ for real cash will no longer be allowed on FP.

If you have any active exchanges, where money has already been sent, but FP$ not transferred yet, let us know, and we'll see what we can do to make sure the exchange goes smoothly. Otherwise, as of this moment, any FP$-for-cash exchanges, and cash-for-FP$ exchanges, should no longer be conducted. FP$ can still be traded for services such as posts. If you'd like to trade a product with concrete monetary value such as a domain for FP$, let us know and we'll be able to clarify whether the exchange is allowed.
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