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Forum Feedback and ratings


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Hi :D

As we are quickly approaching a few milestones like we are almost at 100 members and almost at 1000 posts which is great. Now that we are growing quite quickly i would just like to get some feedback from our members so we can find out what is good and what isn't. To make this simple all you have to do is rate a number of area between 1 and 10. This will help us improve this forum to help us to help you.

Post below or PM me or Email me the following rated between 1 and 10.

Staff helpfulness:
How helpful are our reviews(1=rubbish, 10= V helpful):
How much have we helped you and your forum (1=haven't helped, 10+helped a lot):
Services available:
Forum layout and skin:
General Rating:
*Additional Feedback and suggestions*:

This will help us to find out what people think of the forum so we can change it accordingly to meet what people want. Please be honest... We don't care if the feedback is crap. We want this place to be successful to help everyone.

Thanks for helping us :D