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Forum Guidelines and Moderation Policy

Written by Rick Ace and Gio based on CyberFreak's Boardwide Guidelines

February 10th 2019.


Welcome to Forum Promotion. :) It is our pleasure to have you here. Every forum has its own set of expectations. While some communities can be overwhelmingly complicated, Forum Promotion has a welcoming atmosphere towards all. We ask that you please take a few minutes of your time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines in the spirit of which they were created. Our goal is present a set of guidelines that are easy to understand and can help facilitate communication across the forum. Thank you for reading.

Official Policies

Terms & Conditions: Click Here
Privacy Policy: Click Here
Acceptable Content: Click Here

An Overview

Being part of such a large forum is a privilege happily granted to any person willing to play a positive role. All members are expected to abide by the guidelines. Awards, custom titles, and special usergroups are granted in recognition of achievement, but all members are to treated fairly and equally. If you are ever treated less than that by any member, it is imperative that you contact a Administrator or Community Team Member immediately. We recommend that you read the entire post, but you may understand most of the guidelines just by reading this short overview.

Firstly, use common sense at all times. You are old enough to know how to act in a public forum. Ensure your communication in this forum is positive (not trolling, rude, nor profane). Avoid arguments and message an Admin or Community Team Member when you need help. Keep your content appropriate and legal. Advertising is allowed in certain areas and there are restrictions on the type of content that may be advertised. The forum's functions should always be used appropriately. Last but not least, your actions should be beneficial for the general good of the community and not against it.

Posting Guidelines
  • "Post" in this context refers to public posts, profile comments, and private conversations (exceptions are detailed below). [P-1]
  • Use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible when writing a post (private conversations are exempt). While we understand that mistakes occur or that English is not the first language for some, we expect members to try their best to communicate properly. If a member fails to meet a minimum standard of understandable communication, we may require moderator approval for all of their posts. [P-2]
  • Posts are generally expected to be long enough to express yourself (profile comments and private conversation are exempt from this requirement). This means "bump" posts are unacceptable. Exceptions are granted if a short post contributes to the topic at hand. [P-3]
  • Posts are expected to be relevant to their topic and forum. Excessive rudeness and excessive profanity will never be tolerated here. It is acceptable for a discussion to change as per the natural course of discussion in some circumstances, but it is unacceptable to take over a topic for your own personal use. Multiple topics on the same matter is generally not preferred. [P-4]
  • Posts may NEVER contain content that is extremely violent or dangerous, graphic, sexual, hateful, threatening, harassing, or illegal. Posts may NEVER spam nor troll. Content must always be appropriate to the minimum age required to register on this forum (13 years of age). You must adhere to the Acceptable Content policy and any other official policy. [P-5]
General Guidelines
  • Advertising inappropriately is called spam. Post only appropriate links where links are accepted. Advertising in your signature is fine, while advertising in private messages is unacceptable. Forum Promotion reserves the the right to ban websites (including websites that belong to banned members). [G-1]
  • Use the forum's functions as they were intended. Utilizing loopholes is unacceptable. Forum content including but not limited to FP Cash, Reputation, Reactions, Awards, Profiles, and Posts may not be bought nor sold. Once again, you may not misuse any function (ex. spam the post reports function). [G-2]
  • Backseat moderation (attempting to control other members or act the role of a staff member) is not acceptable. Your cooperation and respect is expected with moderator actions. Please report any post that breaks the guides using the report function or message an Administrator or Community Team Member. [G-3]
  • Please respect section specific guidelines and notices delivered by private messages from the Admins and Community Team Members where applicable. Your full cooperation is expected in moderating this forum. [G-4]
  • The staff of Forum Promotion take moderator actions as necessary to ensure the smooth running of this community. While we are happy to speak to you in a polite private conversation, we cannot explain every action due to time constraints. If you ever feel that a staff member is not acting according to the principles of this forum, you may utilize the contact form to file a complaint. We assure you that complaints will be independently reviewed and a fair decision will be reached. [G-5]
  • Your profile must NEVER contain content that is extremely violent or dangerous, graphic, sexual, hateful, threatening, harassing, or illegal. Signatures must be of reasonable height. A reasonable guideline is to expect signatures no more than 150 pixels in height (200 pixels for staff members). Any content that stretches the page is not acceptable in your signature. Staff members may moderate your signature as needed to ensure the pages of this forum maintain expected standards. [G-6]
  • For your own safety, you should not distribute your personal information anywhere on this forum. [G-7]

Once again, on behalf of Forum Promotion, we would like thank you for taking the time to become a valued member. You will not just be joining an exciting forum with years of content, but also one that will have many new things in the future. Enjoy. :D

"Forum Guidelines and Moderation Policy" was written by Rick Ace and Gio with inspiration from several authors including CyberFreak's Boardwide Guidelines. Authors of former versions include Cosmic, Belthazar, QuackerJack, Twisted Fairtale, and MeowsePad. Last but not least, this attempt to codify a guide for Forum Promotion would not be possible without the work of countless members, Retired Admins, and Valued Contributors over the years.
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Below is the Moderation system that Forum Promotion uses for the moderation process. While the Administration does reserve the right to deviate from the standard moderation process, below is the standard moderation timeline:

  • Minor offenses will result in a reminder. This includes things like advertising in the wrong areas, posting "bump" in PD threads, signature reminders, and other small things that do not harm members.
  • Moderate offenses will result in a strongly worded reminder. This includes things like multiple spam PMs, arguing, first time malicious duplicate accounts, consistent negativity towards members, and other things that may come across as rude or tasteless, but don't harm people. Your second moderate offense will result in an official warning; which can carry further punishment.
  • Extreme offenses will result in a warning at minimum. This includes things like scamming, hacking, ripping, member abuse, and other high-end offenses that harm members. Things like scamming with real world money or hacking will result in an instant ban.
  • Loss of privileges will occur when FP Administration believes that it's in the best interest of the community. We do use things such as moderator queue, PM restrictions, marketplace ban, the "Cone of Silence Restriction" (where any form of private contact is not allowed) in cases where members have shown themselves not responsible enough to use these features.
  • Temporary bans will not occur until after the first official warning. Normally (except in the case of an extreme violation), you will receive at least one warning before we decide to temporarily ban you. Once you're temporarily banned, you cannot be unbanned until your sentence is carried out in full.
  • Permanent bans are very rare. However, they do happen. Permanent bans are not appealable until at six months after the original ban date, and any attempts to evade the ban will result in another month being added onto the ban. Before you're permanently banned, you'll be given every chance to prove yourself as a productive member of the community.

That is our moderation policy, briefly. If you believe that you've been "wronged" by a moderation decision, please send a Private Message to the Community Team Leader, or an Administrator if the situation involves the Community Team Leader. In addition, all permanently banned members who have been banned over a year are welcome to make an appeal here. If you have any questions, please PM the Community Team Leader, or an Administrator.

Credits go to Cosmic, Quacker Jack, and Gray for their work on the previous versions of the Moderation Guides and Policies that served as predecessors and bases for this current one.
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