Forum Index Redirect Auction #3

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Forum Index Redirect Auction
Auction closes weekly, at the end of each week, Sunday at 11 P.M. (EST)
Contest Status:

In this auction, you are bidding $FP cash for the opportunity to have your website link advertised on Forum Promotion's forum index in the "Forum Redirect Auction" advertising space for 1 week after the end of each weekly raffle, for the length of the following week. The member that bids the most FP cash before the end of the auction will win.

Please review the following rules prior to bidding.

Bidding Rules:
  • Must have at least 10 posts on FP - Only members who have 10 or more posts are permitted to bid.
  • Must have equivalent $FP to match your bid - Failure to have the equivalent amount of FP to match your bid will result in your bid being voided and a note added to your account.
  • Bids must be increments of 10FP or higher - Any bids less than 10FP or lower from previous bid shall be ignored.
  • End of Auction - Only bids before the end of the current week's closing time will count. Those who bid after the closing time of the auction will be voided.
How to bid:
Simply reply to this thread below with your bid!
5,690 FP$
Sorry, fellas, I won. Contest ends on Sunday 11PM. My bid was top bid, and fits the bill.

Redirect info:
Site Name: DestroyRepeat
Description: Established in 2013, DestroyRepeat blends the best of gaming and technology discussion, news, reviews and videos. Our aim to provide our members with the ultimate, featured-packed Community Website.

@Lämmchen 5555 - 5183 = 372FP. Can you please donate 372, please?
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