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Forum Link:
Your name on the board: premiere
Exchange Details: Active. For each post you make on my Web Forum, I will make a post on your Web Forum. I generally do not post on weekends but I will be sure to match your post count from for that complete week by 12:00am Saturday, but likely sooner if not daily. For example, if you have a post count of 10 on, I will be sure to match that by having 10 posts (all quality) on your forum.

Type of poster: I am not a spammer. I have a wide range of interests that include current events, politics and news, music, sports, technology, programming, video games, nutrition, general chat, reading, environmental science, movies, cyberactivism, etc. Also, I always utilize an Avatar and Signature if possible. I will use one of the following usernames:
  • premiere
  • .aqpl3seeD
  • Divergent

If you allow advertising on your forum I will duplicate the signature you see in this post. If you do not allow advertising I have other signatures that incorporate the usernames listed above.

Thank you!


Familiar Face
Beetle King said:
5 posts with Avatar and Signature. Done.

EDIT: Admin must approve them :happy:

-- 06 Mar 2013, 23:09 --

JoshSmith said:
5/5 with centerstagesports?
I registered, setup my Profile and Avatar, but I never received the confirmation email and I don't have the necessary permissions to post topics or replies.<br /><br />-- 06 Mar 2013, 23:44 --<br /><br />
bauss said:
5 for 5 with
5 posts with Avatar. Done.


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Jun 3, 2012
I'm posting now, but I had a problem uploading my avatar. My avatar size is 12.8 KB, and it says it needs to be smaller then 6.00KB which is really small. Can you change it?

Edit: Done my posts.