Selling Forum Posting/Blog Commenting/Article Writing Services ($PayPal)


Feb 23, 2018
I am a professional and experienced individual when it comes to content creation online. I have years of experience in both writing articles and writing comments for forums or blogs. I am now offering this service to all at the Forum Promotion community in return for $USD or £GBP via PayPal. I require you to cover tax/transaction fees and therefore recommend sending the money via the friend/family payment option.

I am a native English speaker and knowledgeable in a large range of topics. I would be suitable for almost all of the forums or blogs I see advertised here, but feel free to ask me if I meet your individual requirements.

  • Forum posts are $5 for 15 posts. You can order any multiple of 15. I can post under different accounts but will charge extra for this. Custom packages available via PM. Any active forum posting positions will be charged at a goal number of posts you want me to make in a month, minus some form of wholesale saving. I can discuss this further via PM.
  • Forum threads are $3 for 5 threads. You can order any multiple of 5. I can post under different accounts provided an extra fee is paid. Custom orders available via PM.
  • Blog comments are $5 for 10. You can order any multiple of 10. I can use different names in some instances, however will charge slightly more for this. For any custom numbers of comments please contact me and we will discuss.
  • Article writing prices vary depending on the genre and required length, so to get more of an idea please comment below or PM me.
To order please PM me or post below. I look forward to working with you.
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