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Forum Promotion Shop
(Originally written by Eternal, Quacker Jack, and Belthazar)

Account & Forum Upgrades:
Order Instructions: All new purchases of the Account and Forum Upgrades, can be purchased in our new Shop, via our Shop Addon, located here: , with the exception of Display Name Changes for NEW USERS ONLY, who has been here for less than a month. For those who have been here less than a month, and want a free display name change, respond to this topic using the appropriate order form. An administrator will process and fulfill your order as soon as possible.

  • Display Name Changes: 250 FP$
    Tired of your current display name? By ordering this, we will change your current display name to a new one of your liking. Please note that we reserve the right to deny any request deemed inappropriate. Display name change is free if you make a request during your first month as FP's member or have under 50 posts.
    Everyone else: To Order, please visit:
    New Member/Less than 50 Posts Ordering Form:
    [size=120][color=#005291][b]Display Name Change:[/b][/color][/size]
    [b]Old Display Name:[/b] (your current display name)
    [b]New Display Name:[/b] (What you want it changed to)

    Custom Ranks: 500 FP$
    You can buy the opportunity to give yourself a unique rank name to show under your username on all your posts. Please note that we reserve the right to deny any request deemed inappropriate.
    To order, please visit:

    Bold Username: 1,000 FP$
    Would you like your username to stand out from all the rest? You can do so buy purchasing our bold username upgrade. *Note: You must have 250 posts to be eligible for this upgrade.
    To order, please visit:

    Sticky Threads: 1,000 FP$ - 1,200 FP$
    Do you need your thread to stand out around the forum? Now you can spend your FP$ to have a thread you made stickied at its section!
    • On-topic Sections: 1,200 FP$ per 2 weeks
      *Note: Sections considered "on-topic" are: Exchanges, Marketplace, Job Center, What is Going on, Site Battles, forums under "Managing Online Forums & Websites" category
      Off-topic Sections: 1,000 FP$ per 2 weeks
      *Note: Sections considered "off-topic" are: forums under "Non-Promotion" category
  • This offer is restricted to one thread per member per 2 weeks. Maximum number for sticky threads by members in one section is three (3). Other requests will wait until two-week period is over. We reserve the right to refuse any request deemed inappropriate and to take down any thread which comes to violate board-wide guidelines in the process.
    To order, please visit:

Order Instructions: If you are interested in any of these services below, please PM @Cameron .

  • Domain Names: 6,000 FP$
    Fancy getting getting a real professional Top Level Domain (.com .org .net and .info)? Exchange FP$ for a domain of your choice.
    • .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info Domains: 6,000 FP$
      *Note: This free domain name offer is for those who wish to set up their own forum or website. We will not provide free domain names to people who wish to resell or park those domains.
  • More information regarding domains for FP$:
    Free domain names will be registered with NameCheap. You can begin to use your free domain name immediately. The spirit of this offer was to provide webmasters with domains that they would develop sites on. It was not intended to provide people with domains that they could quickly sell on for a profit. Hence, you must wait at least two months before the domain can be transferred to your own personal NameCheap account. The cost for transferring the domain to your account is 200 FP$. However, we are willing to push your domain to your account straight away if you are willing to pay a fee of 2,400 FP$ (40% the cost of a domain) . This excludes the 200 FP$ domain transfer fee.

    This offer is restricted to one domain name per member, every three months. You must also have at least 150 posts and be a member on Forum Promotion for at least 1 month before you can request a domain.

    To claim a domain, please earn the required cash and send a PM to Cameron. Please include;

    1. The domain you wish to register (it must not already be taken)
    2. A brief description of the site you will publish on the domain.
    3. The nameservers that you would like set for your domain name (if you don't know what these are, please ask your host). Further changes to your nameservers will cost 200 FP$ per change. Obviously you will not have to pay for these changes, once the domain has been transferred to your account.
    Please note that this is a free service and is provided without guarantee or warranty of any kind. We reserve the right to refuse any domain name request and we will not provide free domain names for warez, hate, adult or illegal sites.
    NOTE: If you do not transfer your domain to your own account within 6 months from the purchase date, we reserve the right to sell your domain. By taking this offer, you accept that Forum Promotion is allowed to change any of the Terms and Conditions at any time.

    Pushing Domains to Your NameCheap Account
    We can only push domains to your NameCheap Account if you allow those permissions on your account. You can do that at:
    NameCheap > My Account . Manage Profiles > Push Settings > then check the box for "Allow All (No Authorization code required. Anyone can push their domains to your account)"

    Also please note that you must have added contact details to your NameCheap account, because otherwise they won't allow us to push a domain to you.

Price last updated: 15/05/2019
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