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May 11, 2010
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Welcome to Forum Promotion! Thank you for joining us and using our forum, and an even bigger thank you for being interested in supporting us as a sponsor! We continuously try to provide the best services and experience for our members, including the sponsors. With the recent update, we are also offering more benefits and sparks for supporting Forum Promotion, as you can see below:

Forum Sponsorship

  • 1 Month: $4.99
  • 6 Months: $24.99 (saves $4.95 or roughly 17% off!)
  • 12 Months: $36.99 (saves $22.89 or roughly 38% off!)
  • Special gold color for your username.
  • A sticky thread of your choice for one month (only for 6-month or 12-month plan) (normally sold for $10 independently)
  • A browsing experience free of advertisements
  • Access to a VIP section for sponsors
  • Free bold username (normally sold for 1,000 FP$ independently)
  • Free custom user title with unlimited changes (normally sold for 500 FP$ for every change)
  • Free display name change with unlimited changes (normally sold for 250 FP$ for every change)
  • Extra signature space up to 200 pixels, 10 links, and bigger fonts
  • Unlimited private message inbox limit
  • Exclusive 'Wizard' rating
To order, you can go to account upgrades page in your profile. Please note that forum sponsors are subject to the same forum guidelines as all other members. We are under no obligation to refund a sponsor in the event that their account is banned from Forum Promotion or for any other reason.

Stick and Sponsor a Thread
  • 1 Month: $15 or 7,500 FP$
Get more exposure for your thread on Forum Promotion! We will set any thread of your choice as a sticky thread with a [Sponsor] mark. To order, send a private message to @Cameron.

No-Follow Footer Text Link
  • 1 Month: $20.00 or $10,000 FP$
Fancy a special display for your link just like the the Free Domain Names and FP links? We offer it right here for you. The link displayed is 18 characters maximum, including spaces. To order, send a private message to @Cameron.

Terms and Conditions of Sponsorship:
  • Advertising prices are subject to change depending on availability, demand, and duration.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a request if it is deemed unsuitable for our members and visitors.
  • We will remove links to closed sites and dead image advertisements without notice. (Image advertisements not hosted with us are the responsibility of each advertiser.) Advertisers are not automatically entitled to a refund in these instances.
  • "Every page of the forum" does not include the site homepage (the page).
  • Any advertiser who requests any of the plan above is still a subject to our forum guidelines. We are under no obligation to refund a member who has a sponsorship here at Forum Promotion if s/he is banned due to disciplinary actions.
For additional questions or inquires, please contact @Cameron.
We are looking forward to your support and may you continue to enjoy your stay!​
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