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FOTM Voting


New Arrival
Although I think the FOTM is a great idea, I think its inaccurate as to which is the "best". If a forum is getting there people to go vote on them(as I did to prove a point), is it really the "best" forum, or the more popular? I think a structure needs to be put in place, such as a rating scale..like having a points system based on most work done, looks, posts, etc. As I proved anyone can say go vote for me, but it really doesn't make it the best forum. Having said that, you can go remove the 4 posts in a row voting for me, as I'm not sure mine is the "best".


Legendary Typer
How i see it is that it does show the best as it shows what your community is like aswell. If you encourage people to vote for your site and they do go to the trouble it shows that you care about your site for posting it on your forum and your members care about the site for voting for it. If your members read it and think forget it i can't be bothered then they will have less chance to win as you have a azy community that don't care aout your site. Then you can get other votes that are based 100% on the look of the forum so just your members voting won't be enough. You encouraging your members to vote show you want your site to be a success and you members want it to be aswell.

That is how i see it.