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FP Trick or Treating Thread

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The Lämminator

FP Trick or Treating Thread​

It's trick or treating time here at Forum Promotion and you can participate in this thread to both receive FP$ and donate FP$ to other members as a treat.
The trick? The only trick allowed is if a member chooses to give low FP$ as their donation (you must be wiling to donate at least 1 FP$).​

Here's how it works:
  • Post in this thread your intent to TREAT the member who last posted in the thread.
  • Then give any amount of FP$ to that member as their TREAT. You don't need to announce the amount you're donating.
  • You will be treated by the next member to post in this thread after you.
  • You may ONLY POST ONCE in a 24 HOUR PERIOD. If you post more than one time within 24 hours, your post will be removed and some FP$ will be removed from your account by Lämmchen at her discretion. If you continue to ignore this rule, you could be banned from posting in the thread.
  • When you donate to a member you must give at least 1 FP$ and you can donate as much as you have in your account.
  • If 2 members post at the same time, tag @Lämmchen who will try to do some damage control so the trick or treating can continue!
  • Admins can view the transaction logs to know if the FP$ was donated, so make sure you actually donate. If you neglect to donate to the member then you could suffer the consequences of a trick by Admins ;) mwhahaha So BEWARE!
This thread will end November 1st at 1AM EST.

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TREAT @Lämmchen

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