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Solved Getting FP$ for liked posts

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Not really keen on this idea - I'm not sure this would add much value to either the like system or users posting since the amount of likes they get is out of their control. Additionally, sometimes reactions are used to react to a post rather than a short form reply and I don't see why the OP should earn FP$ from that.

Keen to hear if there's any sort of consensus either way though!


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Good idea but people/members can abuse the system and spam, like to their own accounts and earn too much unless you have a limit set on 10 dislikes or likes a day.

I don't see that being much of an issue considering you'd have to post something and then like it.

Plus, it'd be super obvious if every single post you made was liked by the same user 😂


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I don't think that's necessary. So I'm going to vote no.

While another user signaling agreement towards your post might make you feel validated and also giving you FP$. It takes away from the discussion and is a cop out for that particular member having to post and explain why they agree. Thus that member is not adding to the discussion.

FP$ isn't what this forum is about. Points on here isn't going to help your forum or your business out. People who like you and can relate with you is what is going to help you out.

You want FP cash, I believe there's an option on here for you buy them. Go do that instead.

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Wouldn't some special coding have to happen for that to become a reality?
There is a option in the events page for most events, that if something is reversed, you can automatically deduct it from the account. That means, if someone spams the like function then later it is reversed, the setting needs to be setup to deduct that amount; otherwise the amount doesn't disappear from the account balance.

With the react/like system, there are two events for it, depending on how one wants it setup. One event gives an amount to the person receiving a like; the other takes away from the person giving it. If you don't have it properly setup, it creates the FP out of thin air instead of transferring the balance from one user to the other, for the like given and received.

Even if this was something that was to be done, it needs to be properly planned and setup, otherwise you run into issues of the FP Cash being created out of thin air, and adding to the total balance in the system.

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Should make it more fun and say for every positive reaction you get a + amount of FP added to your account, then for every negative reaction you get a - amount. Not taking from the people who reacted just added or subtracted.

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I assume you’re replying to me. While I’m sure your input is considered in such things, I was not aware you had final decision making authority for this suggestion. I’d like my idea to be shut down by an admin or at the very least, Thomas.

@Vanilla gave my idea an A+. Any other support?

As a side note, I only support the OP if A+ reactions get four times the FP that a like reaction gets.


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As an Admin here I'm going to make a judgment call and shut this idea down and the reason for that is now that FP$ can be exchanged and possibly sold then this doesn't really help the site. This isn't going to boost FP's activity and if there are newbies to the site who were unaware of this rule then there goes their FP$ just because they decided to LIKE something? No. This can't happen.
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