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Getting Started: A Quick Guide To Forum Promotion

Rick Ace

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Aug 28, 2009
New York City
Getting Started: A Quick Guide to Forum Promotion

Welcome to Forum Promotion. :) We're glad you've chosen this community to join the ranks of webmasters and forum users who have gathered together. There are plenty of topics to discuss, services to use, ways to promote, and even much more. All of this can be overwhelming for a new member, so we've put together a guide that will briefly explain how each section works.

News Center
  • You will find the Forum Guidelines and Moderation Policy here. It is recommended that you read this first. It'll give you a quick idea of what the FP community deems appropriate and not appropriate, and will save you time in the future.
  • Important announcements will be posted here. It's a good idea to check in here every now and then.
Community Matters
  • This is where you can ask us anything about using Forum Promotion. Don't be shy!

Fun Activities

Site Battles: A section where two site/forum owners agree to let members vote for the better forum. It's usually a friendly battle that gives forum owners a good view of what members like to see in comparison to the other.

Forum Fun: Want to just relax? Tired of long sentences? Play a fun forum word game with your fellow members!

Promote Your Forum or Website

Promotion Directory: List your website or forum here for others to find your site.

Auction House: You'll find auctions here with opportunities to buy links for FP Cash.

Post and Affiliate Exchanges: Exchange links and posts, or find affiliates here.

What's Going on?: Post updates and announcements regarding your forum or website.

Improve Your Forum or Website

Posting Packages: Boost your website's activity forum posts and blog comments. This is an official service that requires FP Cash.

Community Reviews: Ask the Community for feedback and a thorough review for your website.

Job Center: This section contains a list of staff positions available at forums, blogs, and other websites. You can post your own request or respond to a member.

Marketplace & Exchanges

Marketplace: The marketplace contains several sections for buying, selling, and trading. (This is typically not for forum cash offers.)

Forum Cash Exchanges: This is the FP Cash Exchange. Members trade their FP Cash for products and services here.

Intellectual Discussions

Webmaster's Corner: In this category, you'll find members discussing topics related to forums, websites, and development.

Non-Promotion: Looking for a place to hang out and chill? Come join us in the "Non-Promotion" category.


Purchase Ads: You can purchase advertisements on Forum Promotion using this link.

Report: Having issues with another member? Find someone breaking the guidelines? Use the report function located on the bottom-left of each post and private message. You may also PM a member in green (community team) or blue (administrator) for assistance.

Contact Us: Can't access your account but need to contact FP? Use this form, and we'll try to get back to you using email.
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