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Global Affiliate Bar VERSION 3.0


-== What is it? ==-
It's a free way of advertising. You simply submit your button link to the page at the bottom of this post then place the small bar to the bottom of your forum (only 31 pixels high). Your button is then submitted to a database of links and every time anyone loads a page that is using the affiliate bar, randomly, six buttons are picked and scrolled across the bottom of their forum. You will see more traffic, it actually works and there is no down sides that I can think of.

-== Is there any catch, do I have to register? ==-
You do NOT have to register on the forum to post a submission request. Guests can post and reply to topics in that section. Feel free to join though :)

-== Where do I go to submit my button? ==-
Simply click this link! for more details and how to get your button running!

-== What's new to version 3.0? ==-
** Automatic database backup
** See how many times your button was hit on our stats page

-== Previous Users ==-
I would first like to start by saying sorry to the people who have used it in the past, it crashed two times; however, it is guaranteed stable now. It backs itself up once an hour so if something occurs, it is fixable by the click of a button.