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Closed Grand Opening Website Traffic For Sales

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The Senseless Blogger
Jan 13, 2011
Please take the time to check out our Marketplace Guidelines.

Be Specific, and Include Details - It is helpful to list as many details as possible in your topics. Use topic prefixes to help other members know what you are looking for. If you have a guide or BIN (Buy it Now Price) price, list it clearly in the original post. Finally, be sure to list exactly what you are selling or giving away. When selling as an auction, if possible, please include the starting bid, reserve, BIN, minimum bid increment and auction end date.

External Services - External services are not allowed. This means that posting a link to a separate, off-site marketplace where users are required to purchase your services is not allowed. If your service must link to an area outside Forum Promotion in order for your transaction to occur, it should not be advertised in the Marketplace and should instead be advertised in the Promotion Directory.

Feel free to start a more detailed thread in this section instead. I'll be closing this thread. Thank you!
Not open for further replies.