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Madly Diligent
You pay me

Signature Advertising:
I'll advertise your site in my signature here on FP. All I need is a link to your site and a button that is no bigger than 88 pixels x 31 pixels. I'll place it in my signature once payment is received. The price is 150 FP $ per month you want me to keep it in my signature. My only rule is that your site cannot violate any of the rules here on FP.

I pay you

Forum Posts:

- I'll pay you 600 FP $ to register on my forum (you must not be a member on my forum already). This requires adding an avatar to your account and posting an introduction topic once you've registered.
- I'll pay you 150 FP $ for each topic you post on my forum (must be 4-5 sentences long minimum).
- I'll pay you 75 FP $ for each reply you post on my forum (must be 2-3 sentences long minimum).

Blog Comments:

- For each comment you make on my blog, you will receive 225 FP $.
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