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Guide To Suggestions


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When posting suggestions or commenting on suggestions others have posted, it's important to follow some guidelines to ensure that your thoughts are understood.

Replying to Suggestions

First and foremost, if you like the suggestion that a person has made, upvote the suggestion. If you have further tweaks to the suggestion, please post them but still vote for the suggestion. This is the way we gauge community interest in the suggestions posted. When replying to suggestions please be as specific and constructive as possible, that will help us understand what it is that is needed.

You can vote for a suggestion by clicking/tapping on the grey arrow at the right of the first post:

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Mobile Device

Suggestions can be sorted by the number of votes it has received by using the "popular" tab.

Threads with a large number of votes will float up to the top and give us things to focus on. However, please keep in mind that a highly-voted suggestion is not guaranteed to be implemented. There may be technical reasons to not do it or it may not fit in with the goals for the community. We will give our thoughts on as many suggestions as possible.

Posting New Suggestions

The most important (and most challenging) thing to do when posting a new suggestion is search for an existing suggestion. Reducing duplicate suggestions helps us see the true interest in a particular suggestion. It's a lot harder to see how much interest there is in a particular feature if it's split across 10 threads instead or one focused one.

Finally, please keep to one suggestion per thread. This allows us to more accurately gauge the response. Massive suggestion threads don't help us know the specific ideas that people are interested in, and tend to be a mess to sort through and easily become off topic rants.

Thanks for all of the suggestions that have been posted and the ones that will be posted. Your feedback is important to ensure that we're building the best community you want to use.

Staff Replying To Suggestions
We may not reply to every suggestion or comment posted,but you can be assured that they are being read and taken under consideration. If you have any specif concerns and have not been answered, you can tag @Ozzy47 and I'll try to answer your concerns.