Halloween @ DiscussionHub.io


Madly Diligent
🎃Halloween @ Discussion Hub 2021🎃
Spooky season has arrived at Discussion Hub. Our Halloween celebrations have started early this year and we've kickstarted it by offering users the chance to win virtual currency and awards for posting their best Halloween themed jokes and sharing a virtually carved pumpkin.

As with all big events, we have our dedicated Halloween section for all events, contests, and discussions related to the spooky holiday. Come on over and celebrate with us @ https://discussionhub.io 👻


Looks amazing!

Black And White Animation GIF by Mia Page


Madly Diligent
Thank you very much, guys. We now have a "Find the pumpkin" contest going around with some prizes available to be won. All users that manage to find all the pumpkins (new one released every 3 days) will get a special prize at the end as well - https://discussionhub.io/threads/find-the-pumpkin.3170