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Happy Halloween!


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We live in the country so we get anywhere from 11 to 27 trick or treaters. I have baggies made up for them and I'm always the one to answer the door with few exception. A lot of the kids choose to go to the blocks where the houses are closer together so our block is really dark and inactive. I decorated one year and had it looking cool but that was the year we only got 11 kids so it wasn't worth the effort.

We used to go to parties our friends threw but we don't do that where we live now. My absolute favorite costume was when I was Flo from the Progressive commercial.


We just moved to the state last year, so we didn't get to do anything for Halloween. However this year we hit up a Haunted Acres, and it was a blast! It was a little steep on the price per tickets ($40 per person) but it was totally worth it! Emileigh got scared soooo much, and I got a ton of laughs out of it (I honestly don't think I can get scared from stuff like that) We will be making that place a part of the new tradition. We also decorated the screened in porch, there's the fake spider webs dangling from the ceiling, fog everywhere, blood all over the windows, and in order to get candy you have to walk in and knock on the door :)