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Has Anyone Ever Had Luck Marketing Their Site in Real Life?


Simply put, has anyone ever tried to advertise there site to people in real life? Examples are posting flyers around local businesses, giving out business cards, mailing brochures to different people and so forth. It's not often you see much of this for small time forums but I was wondering if anyone has actually ever done this and succeeded with it.


But what you did is the most effective way of doing it. I would have followed something similar if I have to try real world marketing. But people have moved on, all of them are on Facebook now.

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For my personal sites? No, I haven't, due to not trying. Granted, I probably wouldn't be sure of the success, unless I knew what demographic and group type I wanted.

Meanwhile, for my father's site, word of mouth is pretty easy to get visitors, because most of the people that might be interested in it, are generally the adults in the area, that wants to know more about various things in the world.


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When we launched Nashville Web Services, I used a school printer at my college to print out a ton of flyers for it. Unlimited copies with color, and I didn't have to pay for it... So why not?

I hung them around all over campus. I ended up designing a t-shirt for one of the dorm halls on campus. That paid off a couple of fines I had gotten for different reasons. :p

Beyond that, I've had little luck. It's something I've considered, but you have to be in the right niche for that. For example, I don't think it would make sense to go around handing business cards advertising FP. The chance of me running into other people who own/manage online communities is slim to none.