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May 11, 2010
Nashville, TN
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We've had some issues recently in the past, due to us not clarifying rules regarding Hashtags, as the use of them should have been common sense on where you should use certain hashtags, and what constitutes as spamming. And as such, this topic has been created to clarify the use of hashtags, and what is deemed acceptable.

And as such, here is what we ask that you follow.
  • Keep the major fun spamming of #hashtags in the Forum Fun Board. Any spamming of #hashtags outside of that area for fun, should be limited to actual discussion of the subject matter, and should not get out of control.
  • Hashtags that are used for advertising services around the forum, should be limited to mentions of where to find the service that is being pointed towards.
    • For example, if someone is looking to use some service like post exchanges, it would be perfectly fine to use a hashtag, while linking them to the post exchange board, or a thread inside that board.
  • Keep the Private Part Joke hashtags appropriate, and limited to the Intellectual Talk Board, the Forum Fun board, and in private in conversations.

Acceptable locations to use Advertising Hashtags
  • Promotion Directory
  • Services Areas (Posting Packages, Community Reviews, Post and Affiliate Exchanges, Forum Cash Exchange, Job Center and The Marketplace Boards)
  • What's Going On
  • Site Battles
  • Occasional Use in Status Updates, as needs arise.
Acceptable Use of Hashtags
  • Using Advertising Hashtags in threads you create, in the Service Boards, Promotional Directory, What's Going On and Site Battles, to link your site thread history together.
  • Using Subject Hashtags in discussing topics that you wish to create a history of previous discussions about.
  • Hashtags that can be used in the flow of a conversation, like in a subject like, "What did you have for Breakfast? #Breakfast #food "
  • Using Hashtags in the Forum Fun board, for general fun.

Unacceptable Uses of the Hashtags
  • Any hashtags that promote adult content, mature content, illegal content, the use of illegally obtained softwares and the like, is prohibited.
  • The Use of an Hashtag, outside the normal flow of a conversation, or use of services.
  • Posts that include nothing BUT a #hashtag.
  • Hashtags that are used to target or rile up a member or groups of members.
  • Hashtags that are used to target individual forums or websites, with the purpose of negatively impacting a forum or it's userbase.
  • Hashtags that are used to point to something that doesn't relate to the subject matter.
  • Over using hashtags to take down the server to the website.
Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in the Community Matters board.
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