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Having unique promotion ideas alongside ordinary promotional methods

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Familiar Face
Jun 1, 2017
I bet there are many people struggling with promotion & marketing.

Using SEO and ordinary promotion methods such as having some social media influence and such is always a good thing, but with a lot of competition and worthy "enemies" it can be hard to achieve your goal at times.

Would you take some risks and do some wild things to expose yourself or would you relay on good old methods?

I have seen a lot of people trying to get some exposure by doing certain things in their community. You could be hosting or sponsoring certain events and have your ads all over the place. But that still isn't the safest bet, does not guarantee that you will succeed, and it is not that unique either.

Teaming up with other forums and advertising each other might not be a bad thing, but by doing this you might as well lose some of your members if they find the other forum more attractive.

There really is a little place for originality when it comes to promotion. Lots of bigger businesses have already covered a lot of unique ways of promotion & marketing.

- My idea -

I just randomly got a thought of a way to promote yourself. I am not sure if anyone has done it as a forum user to this date, but it might seem like a nice idea. It does involve certain risk factor, but it might also be a really good way to promote yourself.

Aim at the students. Start by making some printed promotional material and invite students to join your forum. The deal is. Ask them to write for you for a month, without spamming. Make them start interesting discussions and participate in them as well. After a month you will choose a winner (or few) and offer them a 1-year scholarship / monthly aid during 1 year of their study.

Now, the risk factor here is. You must know that not all of them are going to stay on your forums. You are giving away money. It is up to you to decide how much are you willing to give, but it has to be a decent amount to actually get people interested.

I would actually enforce a deal alongside the scholarship. Make a T-shirt with your forum logo and URL and make it a part of the deal. Your chosen victor has to wear it from time to time if he / she wants to still keep getting the scholarship from you.

In case there is a certain even, try and make your chosen one wear T-shirt on such occasions as well.

What do you think? Would that work? It surely would in the first month since many students would love to get money, but after that its a whole another story.

Hope you enjoyed reading this :)
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