Hello/Goodbye Thread #4


Community Team
Feb 10, 2019
Hi @Fiona1964 and @Lämmchen!

I always wanted a guinea pig, but we always had other bigger animals around, so we never got around to getting one.
They don't last too many years...I think 5-8? My daughter got a guinea pig when she was in college even though I told her not to. Then she said it was lonely so she got another and it turned out to be a different sex even though the pet shop said it was not. So they had babies. Then she didn't separate them in time so they had babies again. She was up to 7 guinea pigs at one point! And she was a college student who didn't work so I was paying for those things until she could find homes for them.

So my advice is that even though guinea pigs don't like to be alone be careful about buying 2!