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Hobbyist Version 0.1.0 Released!

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Deleted member 44219

Hey there everyone. I've just released Version 0.1.0 for Hobbyist.

Here's a highlight to what's been added:
  • Bigger Signatures(Expanded from 58 chars to 115, can now include 1 image and 4 smileys)
  • 1 new category and 5 new boards
  • Polls
  • Avatars are now converted to PNG Format rather than JPEG
  • Bigger images can now be posted(650 x 512 is the max)
  • EzPortal Integration(For Pages and info-panels)
  • A Rules page
That's just a quick highlight of what's been added. Remember, you're always able to sign-up to Hobbyist(2.0) at anytime, here: http://hobbyist.x10.mx

Enjoy the update!