Hot Seat Guidelines

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Hello everybody, and welcome to the Hot Seat forum! :)

In order to keep us organised, we have decided to impose some guidelines to help you come to terms with this forum We ask that all members follow these guidelines, to make this a good experience for all members involved.

  • You can either make a topic asking a specific user a question or you can start a topic encouraging users to ask you questions. If you are making a topic asking a specific user a question make sure they don't already have their own topic first.
  • Respect other members - please don't post questions you feel will upset, embarrass or humiliate other members.
  • Keep your questions suitable for an audience of all ages.
  • Do not create questions such as "Why was my topic locked?", as they will be treated as spam and deleted on sight.
  • Remember to stay on topic. Do not ask a question about Cars and end up talking about what movie you saw last week.
  • To keep the section tidy, only one topic per member is permitted.
  • If your Hot Seat Thread is closed it means you have not logged into Forum Promotion in 6+ months. If you decide you want your thread reopened, let a CTL or CTM know otherwise feel free to create a new thread.
  • ** IMPORTANT ** You have the right to decline any question you do not wish to answer.
Not open for further replies.