How do you deal with a bad review?


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Buddy, you can't get away from bad reviews, there will always be bad reviews. The good reviews alone are also alarming, believe me. It's part of any field, if there are a lot of bad reviews, then it's time to think maybe something really needs to change. And a moderate amount of bad comments, it's even good)) Relax and keep your site afloat, do good and it will be good, as they say!! ))
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If possible, see if there's anything constructive I could take away from it to work on improving. If the review was something like "site sucks" then you can't learn anything from that and may as well just do your best to not let it get to you and carry on. Everyone will get a bad comment on something they do at some point in their life, and the healthiest thing to do in every case like that is hope you can gain something from it to improve yourself or the targeted subject.


Just accept the fact and move on, no point starting something up. I mean yes can contact them to talk more about it then again you can do that to any bad or good reviews. going to have those that love it and dislike it.
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Take it with a grain of salt and move on. If it is warranted, then try to fix what was complained about.


How do you deal with a bad review about your site?
The best way would be to reach out to the person who wrote the review and attempt to resolve any issues or misunderstandings. It’s best to accept your mistake but under some circumstances you should defend your position. If reaching out doesn’t work, you should protect your brand reputation from being damaged and write out a long worded reply going through point by point. This shows to other potential visitors that you’ve already tried to resolve the issue but with no success. It’s all about turning a negative into a positive.

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