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How many Languages do you speak?


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I was once moderately fluent in French because I was learning it in school for five years, but I never really used it once I graduated so I've basically become useless with the language now. Therefore these days I only speak one language. XD


The Lämminator
I speak English and learned French in high school but did not become fluent. I spoke it very well and was advanced enough that I watched movies in French and my teacher gave me French novels to read. I've lost a lot of what I learned because I don't get the opportunity to speak it.

I started studying Spanish about a decade ago but my Spanish speaking friends wouldn't help me out by having conversations with me in the language.


Madly Diligent
Just English, Polish and Russian for me. I've got a decent enough vocabulary base in Kyrgyz, but I can't have have more than a simple conversation in it. Have mostly lost the Turkish and Spanish that I studied, unfortunately.

Putta Vince

New Arrival
I speak English , Hindi , Kannada , Tulu , Tamil , all of them are native Indian languages except English. Though I am only frequent in speaking 3 of the mentioned languages.


English and French, though like @Lämmchen my fluency in French is no longer anywhere near what it once was. (Which is one of the reasons I started a French language board on my Forums.) I know a few words in Japanese.