How To Become Rich - An Eye Opening Speech

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Hasta La Vista, Baby
Mar 10, 2021
Great presentation. You did a good job making it and it sounds motivational. I'm going to be dead honest about it. While It comes off motivational, it's giving no real good advice. I'm going along the lines of "easier said than done" which is what I'm getting from your video. Being successful in being self employed is like flipping a coin and it landing on "heads or tails" which means you either hit your mark or you don't.

There's a good way and a bad way about being self employed. I knew a guy that quit his job and tried to go into business for himself. Youtube was one of his ideas. He had a lot of ideas on how he was going to get rich. A lot of people said that he had delusions of grandeur. What he really needed was a recipe for grandeur which he did not have. He had no college and no skills of value other than sitting at home, working on his Youtube channel and playing video games.

He ended up going out and working 2 part time jobs to make ends meet because he had a pregnant girlfriend. Some would say that reality kicked him in the face. Some people just aren't capable of making a successful business. I also knew a woman who went out and had a lot of business ideas about making money. She opened multiple stores and then those stores went out of business. Then she tried doing her own Ebay business which failed also.

Now I know of a few couples that have been successful and they own their own used car lots in town and do other work on the side. I also know a guy who owned his own Internet company in town until his partner screwed him over and he had to thumb a lawsuit in a poor attempt to get his money back.

I myself went into business with someone. They opened a video store and me being young thought. Hey! this could be it. Turns out the store barely turned over any profits and I cashed out and left. Not long after they closed up shop and went out of business. They owed the IRS money and weren't paying their taxes and they got into a lot of trouble.

All I'm saying is if you go into business for yourself. Choose wisely. The career path you choose could end very badly for you and cost you more than what you're getting back. It could also have real consequences.

What if you're having a choice between your business and going homeless?

What if you had to choose between having to actually work for someone instead of being self employed because you can't pay your bills and it's causing your wife and children to suffer? Sometimes it's smarter to work under someone who knows what they're doing.

Those are real life choices you have to come to terms with. I'm saying that it's not so bad working for someone. You can still profit in some small way. Everyone has bills and ends that they have to meet. I'm just being real.

I've seen these "get rich" quick schemes before. Tony Robbins does it all of the time on television and his youtube channel about being "successful".
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The Lämminator
Feb 10, 2019
I agree with a lot of what the video had to present. There are many good pieces of advice and very practical in a way.

Other things I would suggest would be to transition from working for someone into working for yourself. Why? Because here in the US self-employed have to pay estimated taxes and that's about a third of what they predict they'll make. If you don't pay estimated taxes you'll get penalized at tax time.

Then there is the concern about health insurance here in the US. I'm all for the other countries that have medicare for all or a universal type healthcare but Obama failed to even give us a good start on that and I haven't seen any good replacement suggestions so far that would work for the US. So what happens? The self-employed pay an exorbitant amount to receive healthcare. Unless you have some huge nest egg to keep you safe until your business takes off and you start making a profit, you're risking putting you or your family into financial ruin. Going without healthcare is a HUGE risk. Do you even know the cost of a cat scan? When I had my first cat scan after I found out I had cancer the bill was $3,300 before insurance kicked in. Who on earth can afford that? Plus my doctor said I would need one every 3 months to start. Yikes. That's why I'm for some type of universal healthcare, but I digress.

Now another thing that came to mind while watching the video is that there is the prompt to be driven and that's very true. But the one thing that I think about is that I'm extremely introverted. I don't like talking to people in person, don't like talking to them on the phone, etc. I'm bashful and get a loss for words. When I had my portrait business I had a difficult time promoting myself because I couldn't bring myself to talk to people. It was HARD! I tried getting extroverted managers to drum up some commissions for me but they had lives of their own and never really did what I hoped.

How is the market? Is it saturated with your idea? The video states to have a unique idea and BINGO that's what you need. Even if it's a slight twist on an every day idea. Make people need what you have.