How to Invite Potential Staffs to your Forum?

I am on a few FB groups and participate quite often, really you need something that they want to be a part of. Niche wise, but as i have found, a lot of people on FB especially in groups, used to be on forums and find FB more appealing due to the format and layout rather than the traditional forum based format, hence the reason they are on FB mow.
Having said that, i think it is like everything else, you have to have something they are interested in.


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Jun 25, 2009
I prefer to promote people from within an organization rather than bring people in to fulfill a specific role.
Sure, it's a great idea to have smart and entrepreneurial individuals brought in to your community, but there is no guarantee that they will understand and love your website's users or you, or that anyone else will seriously respect them back.

If you are hoping to bring people in as staff, I do hope that you actually need the staff. I think it's important to ensure you are not just handing out staff roles to give people power & a reason to come back. I think loyalty and hard work is a great way to earn a position, so if you are using a staff role to entice someone to join your website then you should be doing it because they are a good staff member / owner of their current community before bringing them in to your own.

Here are some incentives for staff members though...
  1. Staff of the Month ~ $10-20 gift card
  2. Staff of the Year ~ $50-100 gift card
  3. Access to all website content or forum sections
  4. Share their content or links occasionally on official website's social media pages
  5. Allowed to vote or participate in decision making for the website
  6. Help improve the community and website
If you have a bit of money to spend on the awards, I think the other reasons should weed out the greedy people and the users who want to seriously help. It's not much money for an award if you cut out a coffee or fast food trip every now and then, so that might be enough to at least have people take you seriously :)
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Ideally staffers should come from the members. They are usually the most dedicated people who have already invested a lot of time and effort into the community. Bringing it outside staff can sometimes backfire since older members might not enjoy this, plus they might not yet feel the community 'culture' from the start.