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Jun 25, 2009
Selling access to hidden content or exclusive sections on your website is a great way to reward members for donations, paid subscriptions, or a one time sale of a VIP membership. However, this exclusive access must be worth it to your users if you expect to earn money long-term, and not leave a foul taste in the mouths of your loyal, paying members. Today we’ll look over some common flaws in VIP membership schemes and focus on how to create a positive and worthwhile experience for your users.

Types of Exclusive Access

There are plenty of different ways to reward paying subscribers. For example, many YouTube channels have opted to not use the video network’s internal paid memberships and have instead set up loyal followings on Patreon. This external network allows content creators (not just from YouTube) to offer quality content to their subscribers at varying prices. Often there are different packages that come with varying benefits. Perhaps a small fee of $1/mo will...
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