I need staff and help on my forum

I got a host a few months back and started a new forum on PHPBB but I don't really know much about it. I was able to edit prosilver to my liking but I don't know how to make other themes.

Link: https://www.tainted-wingz.aetherion.org/forums/index.php

Here's what I'm looking for:

Graphic mods - a group of members (one or two right now) who can help with themes that goes with the years. (ex: Easter, Halloween etx) ; post graphic challenges for members, make the awards banners and help with graphics around the forum.
Writing mods - a group of writers (only need one right now) who can watch over the writing board and help with writing challenges.

All of the Staff are able to host events, help others if needed, and award the winning members. Staff will need check in daily as well as post daily. They don't have to start logged in all day/night unless they want. And lastly, help the forum get more members.