If this was your kid?


Hasta La Vista, Baby
Mar 10, 2021
That wouldn't fly when I still lived at home with my parents. Even now, I still wouldn't do that to my parents and I'm a grown adult.

I grew up in a controlled and strict house hold. I don't believe I was in any way abused. I do believe the appropriate measures were taken. My parents were very strict and "old fashioned" meaning if I did anything of what that kid did. Like breaking things and screaming maniacally. I'd get my ass handed to me.

My mother and step father was not afraid of punching, kicking, or using the belt ,or using a long wooden spoon on me or my siblings. We learned to mind and did what we were told. It was no sir or no ma'am. I knew not to f**k with my parents. If they told us to do something. We did it. You didn't want to argue and if you did. It was a** beat'n time.

Some examples to name. One of many times that I got in trouble at school. The teacher and principle sent home a signed letter about my bad behavior. So my mother forced me down onto the couch when I was 11 and took my step father's belt, folded it, and lashed my arms and back with it. I screamed and cried. But it was necessary and I knew that acting like a little savage in school wasn't tolerated. Another time I pissed her off, she kneed me in the ribs and threw me off of her porch and set me to work stacking wood until midnight. She didn't take any shit. Another time while I was in high school, I got defensive on a certain subject and I mouthed off at her. It ended with her punching me in the mouth. And being a woman, she hit very hard.

I moved in with my grandparents for a while. My grandpa didn't tolerate arguing. He'd knock you real good in the mouth and that was the end of it. My family believed that you discipline your children. You don't wait until they're almost 6 feet tall to teach them a lesson in respect and moral ethics.

Don't get me wrong. I love my parents. They just wanted me to do right and be a civil human being and not behave as a savage like this kid. My kids don't act this way. The best thing his mother can do is take his console and smash it. I wouldn't let him play video games again until he moved out on his own.
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Mar 26, 2021
I have a few ideas:

  • First, there's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned ass-whooping in this case. When the kid starts getting physically violent and destroying things and hurting people, some good old-fashioned discipline is in order.
  • Second, if you want to get creative and mess with the kid, you can introduce latency into your internet network. Not enough to knock him offline, but enough so he starts losing his games.
  • Third, you could post your story on social media and ask for other players of his favorite video game to constantly kick his butt to the point where he no longer wants to play anymore.
The ass-whoopin' is likely the most effective though. He's out of control, not going to school, breaking things and overall in need of a serious life change.
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The Lämminator
Feb 10, 2019
Why didn't the parents remove the video game console as a consequence after the son refused to listen and respect their authority? They laid a boundary by saying 5 hours a day and the child said No. Okay, game gone. That's easy. The parents were too permissive because they didn't want to hurt their son's feelings. That's the problem with parents wanting to be their kid's best friends and the kids end up controlling the household. Parents shouldn't be bullies but they should distribute consequences to actions when boundaries are crossed and the problem with that specific child has escalated because he knows how to play his parents to get his way.
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