I'm Terminated!

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Hasta La Vista, Baby
Mar 10, 2021
@Terminated Welcome to FP! It's nice to see you over here.

I'm "JennyorAlice" over on Discussion Hub by the way, I don't know if you've seen me over there.
Thank you and Yes and it's been great posting along side of you at DH. I love your posts.

Regarding how you found us, I'm obsessed with our Search Results and Marketing :p, may I ask what search term you entered to find us, and how you found the experience of discovering ForumPromotion through Google? It's always great to hear of how organic search drives new users to FP.
I typed in "promote my forum" into the google search and then it came up in the suggested. Funny is that most of anything that I typed in, FP was always suggested. Now other sites pop up. However, I typed in other words as well and went on Advertise Highway which is like FP but its dead in the water.

Hi and welcome to FP!

Thank you!