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Images for Theme + Member Banners

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I'm creating my own forum as I couldn't find any good ones that fit my style on here and I would like someone to create the images for the theme and member banners. I don't have EVERYTHING figured out yet but I am working on it.

I can code the theme but I need someone who is better at Photoshop than me. I'm going to be trying in the coming days to come up with something myself but I'm not all that creative.

Anyway, I'm using IP.Board and the name of the forum has to do with books. (Would rather not give it out until it is done)

I'm willing to pay cash for the images and FP$ for the member banners. If they are amazing I'm willing to pay cash for both. It just depends on the quality.

If you want to contact me ASAP about this, do it on Skype: DudeThatsErin
I'm not on FP all of the time though I try to keep one of my laptops plugged into it all of the time. So the online tag can be a lie.
Still Open.


Familiar Face
Hey Erin,
I have multiple questions.

  1. What is your project/forums about ?
  2. What are the required images for your theme ?

I don't have Skype though, but i'm using Discord daily if you wish to have an instant conversation. I can also help with coding if needed.
I don't need this anymore. Sorry, I'm closing this now.
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