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IPB Licence fee Increase!


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Crazy how the forum software costs $100 and yet the renewal fee isn't that far off from being half that cost @simonweb I mean $190 a year comes to $280 a year for me since I use everything for one site. OMG, why.
Yeah, the new price structure does not make sense for non-commercial sites and businesses if you use all the official apps. I can hardly justify the blog and gallery apps now, which is a shame. And the Pages/CMS app is pretty neat, but do I really need it? Hmm... 🤔


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What I find surprising is that IPS still haven't sent out a new mass email explaining that they've backtracked from their earlier plans. You'll only find out why the old 6-month renewal periods are still active by browsing their clients-only forum.
I know right, I always read their forums. The only way to know what the flip is going on.