Is cpc too expensive?


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May 8, 2019
CPC, or "cost per click" is a metric that... measures the cost per click. As I mentioned above, that cost will vary based on factors like how much competition exists for the keyword and fluctuations in search volume. If you've been running ads for "Taylor Swift Faceplant" at $0.17 per click and then TayTay falls flat on her face at the VMAs, you'll soon find yourself paying many times that amount. Since the budget is fixed, you won't get stuck with a big bill, but you will burn through your funds much more quickly.

Cost per click can help you weigh how expensive a term is against the relative benefit of getting those clicks. It is useful both as you decide what terms to bid on and when you're calculating your ROI after a campaign is in play.


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If you just want traffic to your pages or say specific pages where you have products, then yes CPC can be worth burning money for.
With a lot of smart targeting you can always get buys from cpc traffic. However, with a list - you can get a lot more buys.