Is it just me who faced this?

Discussion in 'Intellectual Talk' started by overcast, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. overcast

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    I had this deadline to finish short story book by the Feb 10. I managed to only write 500 words worth of one story. I had this goal of 7 stories. But I could not finish it since October.

    What I have found out that, instead I have wasted my time writing more than 2000 words often on topics like religion, politics, feminism etc. And it kind of like provocative topics for me to make me write longer replies. And when it comes to write something creative that is useful for me in future. I can't even write enough.

    This is the reason I don't take forum posting gigs in politics, religion and feminism type of forums. They drain me and make me non productive for other work. :yuck:

    Is it just me who faced this on internet?
  2. Ajay

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    Yeah sort of lol. I take online classes and I find myself doing other things more than I care to admit. Online classes are great if you're extremely disciplined and can stay off forums like FP. :p

    I have to write a 10 page paper by tonight, and I'm still working on it as I type this up. :S
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  3. Joshua Farrell

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    I've had issues over the years being distracted by stuff that is technically less important, than the stuff I should be doing at different times. When I used to administrate the support forum of a text based MMORPG, I learned rather quickly that I needed to separate the fun I was having with team mates in the game, from what I should be doing on the forum. During the year that it took me to figure that out, I had helped my team troll more than 20 new members, which caused them to leave the game, because the team wanted to make fun of those members on both the support board and in game.
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  4. Rick Ace

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    Human beings can't get away from procrastination. Handling distractions is something we've never been good at. Perhaps, we're more evolved for survival than leisure time. Back when survival was the top concern, humans had to adapt their plans to face the immediate challenge. Long-term goals exception reproduction weren't possible a large part of our evolutionary history.

    Staying productive means having disciple in what you do. That's easier said than done. But a few good ideas would be to maintain a diary, take out major distractions from your life, and have helpful family and friends keep track of what you're doing. :)
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