Is XenForo too expensive now?

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Carlos X

Feb 28, 2013
I'm not Carlos but I'd say VB is a waste of money compared to similar software like XF and IPB.
I don't claim to be an expert. But that's my experience with vB. Take that what you will. Form your own opinion.
@Carlos X How would you compare VB to free software like MyBB, phpBB?
My experience with both are poor. I don't recommend them. At all.
In fact, I don't recommend any. free. software. Why? Well, 90% of them take too long for new patches to come online. Paid ones you can almost guarantee that there will be a patch update in the next week or the next month. The exception is vBulletin. Everyone that does paid have varying different results.
IPB is okay, just... too expensive. The entry fees are expensive, the renewal prices are high... So, every year it costs more for you.
vBulletin is expensive, and like someone else said "a rip-off."
The thing is, though... free forums solutions are very poor. It will take a very, very long time for a new patch update to go live. This leaves YOU, the owner, vulnerable. Exploits, hackings, you name it. Unless you know how to patch up your software or get support from the community.
So, I am glad that xenForo is here. If they leave the forum scene, I'm fucked, you guys are fucked. Discourse is another choice, but I don't like that design, honestly. Especially the never-ending listing of threads. My head hurts.
Although I have seen many VB boards that have looked really good, all depends on the theme.
Yes, it depends on the themes, and the actual coders behind the themes. Problem is, even back in the vB4 days, there was not a lot of good themes. I had to get a free one just to replace the stock forum skin, and/or my "custom" vB3 design. That's how bad vB themes space is. There is no real demand for vB4 and most likely non-existent for vB5. Most vB5 sites I've seen? Stock forum skin. My first thought was "What the fuck?"

It's like nobody cares about vB5.
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