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Job Center Guidelines

Welcome to Job Center! This board is dedicated for members who are looking for staff members for their projects. Before you post your topic to recruit, please read the rules and guidelines of this section carefully.

For Job Center:
  • Be Careful! - Please be careful when you decide to hire applicants as your staff members, especially for important positions such as an administrator. If you don't trust someone, don't make them staff. Do not be afraid to reject people from staff applications, as it is your project. Forum Promotion is not responsible for the actions of staff hired through our forums.
  • 2 Topics per User, 1 Topic per Site - Each member is allowed to make maximum two (2) topics; however, only one topic per website is allowed. In other words, if you want to make two (2) topics in "Job Center", they have to be for a completely different website. This is to accommodate members who have more than one website, but also to keep the section tidy and focused. If you have finished recruiting, but one day want to recruit members again, you can bump your old topic with new updates or report the topic to be removed first before creating a new one.
  • Use the Prefixes - There are topic prefixes ready to be used for your convenience. Mark your topic properly based on payment type you offer: free, paid in FP$, paid in real cash, or Paid/Free. Additionally, mark your topic as open or closed properly to make it less confusing for other members.
If you were scammed:
Please either PM an Administrator, the Community Team Leader, or fill out this form. Be sure to include all applicable details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).

Remember that the Board-Wide Guidelines still apply in addition to these guidelines.
If you have any questions, contact a Community Team Member or an Administrator.
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