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    [​IMG] - A well-rounded gaming community offering gamers of all sorts a place to call home. We have a massive amount of gaming-related content ranging from console gaming, PC gaming, mobile gaming, old school gaming, and more. This is a great opportunity to grow your experience, sharpen up your skills, and become fully emerged into a community with the same love of gaming as you. If you love talking about everything related to gaming, check out this opportunity!

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    We're currently seeking a fully committed gaming enthusiast to join our team for the long run. The qualified candidate would be someone able to dedicate time, energy, and effort towards building the GamingBoards community.

    • Review up-coming game releases
    • Keep the community up to date with the latest gaming news
    • Contribute constructive replies to threads made by our members
    • Be innovative, creative, organized, energetic, professional, and provide our community with the highest standard articles and forum moderation

    Are you constantly reading about and mastering the latest video games? Is gaming more than a hobby, but a passion you want to share with the world? Finally, are you looking to spread your wings in the world of internet forum communities? If you've answered yes to all of these questions, this opportunity may be for you!
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    Interested? Feel free to PM me here on FP or at GB with your application which should include: age, country, timezone, past experience(s) with forums/moderation, writing experience, gaming experience, and last but definitely not limited to, why do you want to join the GB Staff team, what will you contribute to the team, and the community?

    If accepted, you'll receive $2,000 FP$ and begin a 14-day temporary position, at the end of the 14 day period the GB Staff team will decide if you've got what it takes to claim a permanent position as a GB Staff team member.

    Thanks to all who apply, I encourage you to continue to participate and grow with our community. If you weren't accepted this round, who says you won't be in the next? Show your dedication by being an active member of our amazing gaming forum.

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