Judging a book (site name) by its cover?!


Madly Diligent
Package Team
Jun 14, 2009
Does anyone ever worry that their website name may be misleading, or offputting to new members?

Honestly, I wonder this about my personal and general blog quite a lot. I use it to document my own personal thought and experiences, so whatever comes to mind. The URL is https://lifeistoo.sport.blog/ and I guess the fear is that people will presume it is a sports blog. I do post about sport every now and then, but there are other topic areas that I target a lot more. I wonder if my crazy brain going for a pun of 'life is too short is not understood by all? :p

Anyways, that is my example! Have you faced a similar issue? How have you aimed to reduce the likelihood of this confusion occurring?


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I honestly thought yours was just sports too lol Until you started posting your blog entries dealing with other issues.
My site is pretty self-explanatory but I have also found out the word 'holistic' can mean way different things than I intended it to be.
What I do is just keep posting & having regulars come in & hopefully word of mouth.