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Last thing on TV you watched


Hasta La Vista, Baby
I found this funny as hell, same story line as the movie years ago.
Junk :rolleyes:
It is crap & Chucky has been out of character since after the 4th film.

Because him becoming a doll was only a temporary solution for him until he could snatch someone else's body.

This is what made him more dangerous because of his failure in pursuit of Andy and longing to live. It's what made his character interesting. It gave his character a purpose and a motive in the plot line.

But now they've removed that element from the story and keep using storyline from bad sequels when they could have started after the 3rd film and erased the bs plotline with Jennifer Tilly. And had him pursue Andy.

Much how they keep re-using the Michael Myers wants to murder Laurie plotline in the Halloween films. Or in Terminator how Skynet in every other film wants to assassinate John.

It gives the antagonist character. When you take away what they want and why. Their character loses credibility and value as an antagonist with the audience.


New Arrival
I can't remember because I do not really have time to watch movies most especially on the TV, all the movie I have been watching are on my phone because the phone where I spend most of my time on if I do not have anything to do..