life That has no purpose!

Some people believe that if life has no purpose, then there is no reason for living. While others think that if life has no purpose, that frees a person to find/create and follow their own personal purpose. Which is a more valid point of view or are they both equally valid?


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Jul 8, 2019
New Jersey
I believe both are fairly accurate in their own ways. I was born into a spiritual family and was always told, "Everyone is born for a purpose and a person". Basically, they told me we're all born for a reason, and soulmates exist. The thing is, the reason I was even born into my family was a form of purpose: my mother had heard pregnancy and childbirth could put her Crohn's disease into permanent remission. Instead, she had to get a c-section because her she was no longer giving me oxygen and I was dying. As the remission didn't happen, I grew up feeling it was my own failure, even if I had no control over my birth itself. That's why, while I was told to believe I was born for a reason, I learned to try to make my own purpose since my original one failed. For that alone, I think both types of purpose are equally applicable.


Jun 26, 2019
Well, Life does have a purpose.

You're born onto the Earth to achieve whatever you desire. Either you want to be Rich and Famous, have a Family, your Life always has a purpose and a goal to achieve. Then you grow-up and work hard in School, just to achieve the Job that you desire.

Then, Life and the Earth starts too.....Take a really bad turn
You work and you work while the Government slowly crumbles, Shootings and Assaults occur, people begin to protest about stupid things and oh boy! There is a lot more to Life than just a purpose.


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It's easy to find a purpose in life - but many seek the wrong purpose, but wrong purposes are often not apparent to people.
Well, what I actually mean here - is that life interests - which might coincide with a career, a dream for many, are good things, but not truly satisfying. But that's not saying it's not good to pursue those things. I guess, I'm sort of going into a Christian/Buddhist type thinking. I'm saying I wouldn't make "too much" of what you like.