Limiting smilies?


The Lämminator
Do you limit smilies on your forum?

I was just on a forum (it's huge and has been around for a long time) where I could only use the standard smilies that they pre-approved and not too many could be used either. I kept getting a warning message when I was replying to someone and apparently I couldn't even quote anyone who used a smiley that I could not. Staff had access to more smilies as well as people who were site supporters. So annoying that I couldn't even quote them without having to manually remove the smiley myself.


Just the opposite: I like adding lots of smilies. The idea of my forum is to allow people to express themselves.


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I love using them as it expresses the mood, I have many funny ones installed on one of my sites and members love them. :oops:


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That's interesting. I've never come across that before. I wonder what unfortunate event occurred to prompt the admin to set such restriction.