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FP$ Logo for CODForums?

Carlos X

This is the original logo that I kept for many years...

It was getting to a point where I had to look for something to replace it with. One day, a user came to me telling me he made a new logo...

Here is the revamped logo afterwards...

There was nothing wrong with this logo, but I was looking for a revamped skin at this time, and the one complaint users had was the image was "too big." Taking half screens, which I can agree with.

There's this one.... (which I presently use...)

The logo is a bit smaller, which is good... the problem is, I got feedback that the font is a bit hard to read.... Don't get me wrong, I like what he did with the logo - with all the special effects, but I do agree that it's a bit hard to read - I can make out "O" but "D" almost looks like "O" because of the way the typefont is/was. And "M" IS a bit difficult to make out from a distance. Otherwise, I like the logo, it's just.... hard to read in some places.

It does not have to be any kind of color, but I'd prefer a logo that is more "military" style, than spanking a colorful color like blue or something else... I mean, I like blue. don't get me wrong, but blue does not fit Call of Duty...

To help you get an understanding for what kinds of logos I found over the years, here are your other inspirations...
- Official Promotional Banner
- 2020 Promotional Banners
- 2017 Promotional Banners
- This was my favorite logo, but I can't use "Call of Duty," so I need the logo to be visibly like "CoD Forums" or similar visual styles, like "CODForums."
- Here is a graphics thread where the guy that did the current logo expresses his love for graphics, and did one for us.

+ The logo can be whatever... but not too big like the second logo, and not too small like the first logo...
+ Metadata must be 200x200

Here's CODForums' current metadata image...

Here's xenForo's official metadata image...

+ Mobile Icon must be 192x192

I understand that both images have similar dimensions, but just play along, please. Thanks.

+ 2nd Mobile Icon must be 512x512
+ All images must be transparent (hence PNG is recommended.)

1,000 FP is up for grabs for whoever does this.
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