Free Looking for Event Leaders/Posters for Pokémon Forum!


Aug 8, 2009
Over on Poliwager.
Hi everyone! As we move into 2019 and our forum's 10th upcoming anniversary, Poliwager Forums is looking for people who want to help create activity, make new topics, and potentially lead in future forum contests and events!

We're looking for someone who is:
- A natural leader or willing to learn to be a leader
- Able to think creatively to come up with new ideas for events, topics, and contests
- Willing to put in effort to help keep the site active and see events/goals through to the end
- Interested in Pokémon (There are new and upcoming Pokémon games and we'd love to be the host of new contests for players online!)
- Interested in art (drawing, painting, or digital), and willing to share tips and your work with others
- Outgoing and willing to invite new people to the site
- Friendly!

If any or all of these apply to you, please leave me a post here, with your preferred method of contact (PM/twitter etc.)! We'd love to see you onboard the Poliwager team. :)
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