Looking for GFX Staff -- 1-3 people -- may earn $


Jul 28, 2008
First off I will be hard on you.

You only get paid when I get paid.
You need a paypal account to even attempt to earn money.
You need to be good at designing folders and emoticons.

^^^ If you can do that, you are hired! ^^^


If you can design phpbb3 styles very well and would like to bring in revenue from it,
I could use you as well!

What I am doing is starting a cheap Phpbb3 styles site. I am not releasing the url but I will tell you it is _______designs.org

I will need at least 4 styles of nice quality before I open the doors.

What will you get paid?

For styles 75% of all earnings from your styles.
For images 50% of all styles containing your images.

I will start out selling styles for $5 each then in July I will raise the cost to $10 each.
So, configure that into your calculations.

Pretty much, it would be a whole lot better than being on a graphics team somewhere and filling requests for greedy people. At least here you would get paid for your talents.

And yes, technically you would be working for me on my staff and payroll. The payroll is commission.

And because you are being paid, I can fire as quickly as hire you. I do understand you have a life and I will definitely honor that. But if I do not hear a word from you in a week or two, consider yourself gone.

Thanks for reading,

apply by emailing me at mudjosh@gmail.com

Thanks again,


Jan 23, 2009
For phpbb3 selling themes is illegal...
since phpbb3 is a open source software. rather than go with you paid themes they will go for the free themes they have for offer. also same with graphics... they will go to forums that offer graphics for free...
I had a couple of my styles released.
On my private place as I don't like people downloading them then changing them to what they like then uploading it again :)


Jul 28, 2008
No it isn't. I have already checked and got an ok from the phpbb3 styles team. Selling styles is perfectly legal.

And so is selling mods.. That is why some mod authors charge for support..

And why extremepixel.com (I think it is .com) sells phpbb3 styles for $30 each..

I have done research.. -;)-

And with cheaper prices, I think we will get some business. Better than $30 each download..


Legendary Typer
Apr 7, 2007
What is wrong about it? Many people sell phpBB skins and also vb skins, ipb and mybb and even wordpress.

It is no different to other companies making extras for iPods for example. Apple makes the iPod but anyone can sell extras like earphones or something to allow you to listen to your ipod in the car. phpBB make the software but other people can make and sell extras for it.


Jul 28, 2008
luke.p said:
ok. well I'm putting out word. not to buy styles from your site on a webpage i'll make. as I think it's wrong...
Are you serious?

That is completely disgusting. Just because in my opinion I think your forum/website is wrong or immoral, doesn't mean that I go spreading to everyone "Do not visit Luke.P's site! It's wrong!"

I have gotten permission from the phpbb staff for crying out loud!
mudjosh said:
Selling phpbb3 styles

Is this allowed since phpbb3 is open-source? I don't know/haven't read what is on the GNU License, but I was thinking that it is breaching the lisense if you was marketing anything that is dependant on the open-source product.

Is this not true?

Or is places like extremepixels.com not being entirely.. umm.. license abiding..
brf said:
There is nothing in the license forbidding selling.
http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &t=1505005

Just because there isn't many sites doing this yet doesn't mean it is wrong or immoral. I have done my research and I am doing nothing wrong. Simply charging a small fee for my labor so I can finance a forum.

And it is funny.. You don't even know my url so how will you advertise against me?


Back on topic:

I so far have one member of our GFX staff.
I would like to have at least 2 in the gfx staff so that they have enough time for a life and at least one other coder besides me.

I have also decided make it so if a gfx staff designs a print for a coder, the gfx staff gets 75% of the coders payment.

I will chart this all down for you later..
The payment will be sent out once a week. I will keep up with the payment and if you ever find an error I will double check everything to make sure you get paid fairly. Even if it takes a cut from my own salary.

If you have any questions, you can also pm me at any time.