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Solved "Looking for"


Would it be possible to have a section or even just a topic where you can ask for recommendations for forums to join? I'm looking for forums to join, but I find looking through the directory a bit overwhelming. It would be easier (at least in my view) to specify some criteria and get recommendations from people who run different kinds of forums.

Just a thought. :)


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This is a good idea. I think a sticky topic in the promotion directory would be good. Although it should be moderated where people don't just constantly recommend their own forum to everyone.


The Lämminator
The Promotion Directory and the Directory are different and members have to submit entries for both of those areas.

The Directory, which you can easily find at the top of your browser, has a pull down menu that has a Search directory option. When you pull that screen up you can see that you also have the option to search through the various categories as well as by age of the listing.

If you come across any dead links, please let staff know. We try to keep up with those but unfortunately, forums are quick to come and go. Since I've been a member here and started signing up on forums, 50% of them have ended.